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90s As Fuck! is a 50 seconds video that talks about our life how much time we have to live nothing were just thrown in a big pile of space stuff that aliens with big **** created, please kill me i want to die

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This video is one of those videos wich make you think that the world is a small and sad place where nobody wants to live in

how much minecraft parody

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I used to play this game everytime i cam from school during my second grade

I know how to get the good ending all you have to do is to wear the mask and hold hold left click with your partner's dick on her mouth

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Please do not vout for trumpo magnifico or i will no livos in americno no more

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Chiki briki v damki da babushka!

Mechanical-Animals responds:


Good song make more

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Great Job! especialy when the right one looks like my mum!

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I don't know if the 3 is flying away from the E or the 3 is about to smash the E just look at this poor kid that is going to get squieshed by that 3 poor little kid

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It's flying away. ;)

I do not think that they will have to use swords in the Sci-fi future they will have better weapons like minigun that shots nukes or something that can delete the whole universe in less than 1 second! yes you heard me I said 1 second there are more things that you can do in less than 1 seconds like 1 seconds rise you just put the rice in the water and its done you're rice is gone somebody has ate it? I do not know I am not the rice man

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DeclanMcDermott97 responds:

what if the weapon that can delete the whole universe in 1 second happens to look like a sword for some reason?

Hi guys, My name is Ahmed I love to bomb stuff, one time I bombed a 5 years old kid's house in Minecarft (his name is PewDiePie), you might know him from a website that called Youtube. Oh Oh Ohhh and one day my father called me and then he kissed. Salmon.

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